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Just Twist The Throttle & Hold On ! 

Zapphira Sport Fishing


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Wave Runner Adventure ...

One of the most popular beach activities in Cabo San Lucas is Jet Ski and Wave Runner rentals.

The warm waters of the Sea of Cortez invite you into their arms, and what better way to enjoy the water and beach than on board one of our Yamaha Wave Runners. We have the fastest wave runners on the beach, with speeds of up to 55 mph, these babies can really fly. Located on famed Medano Beach and just minutes from Cabo San Lucas. Enjoy views of El Arco, Lover's Beach and Land's End on this thrilling adventure.

Just Twist The Throttle And Hold On ...

Don't Forget The Camera !


New Models ...


What's Included ...

Wave Runner - Life Jackets - Instructions - Bilingual Staff - High Performance - Waverunner


What's Not Included...


16 % Mex Iva Tax



Maximum 2 Passengers (Per Waverunner)


Monday Thru Sunday  

Start Times

10 AM To 4 Pm


30 Minute Ride


$ 60.00 Zapphira Price !


1 Hour Ride


$ 120.00 Zapphira Price !


Contact Us For Details ...


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